Thanks to the collaboration of the Adrián Hoteles Foundation at Pequeño Valiente We have been able to give educational attention to children affected by cancer in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and provide guidance to their families. Not only at the level of educational support, but in the transition to educational centers after their absence during the illness, through coordination with the educational team. As well as providing awareness of the disease through talks in schools and institutes.

Nubia PérezChildren with Cancer Pequeño Valiente

The Adrián Hoteles Foundation has collaborated uninterruptedly with our institution for more than ten years. Knowing the difficulties that the maintenance and equipment of our facilities meant for the institution, they wanted to contribute to the renovation and improvement of our kitchen. It has been some years since we have needed the renovation and expansion of the kitchen of the day center. Since its launch in 2000, this facility had become obsolete to cover the needs that we now have. The expansion of reception places and the passage of time made this intervention very necessary. We feel a deep appreciation for the opportunity that we have been given to be able to undertake this renovation. The Foundation made everything necessary available to bring the project to fruition which would have been a difficult business for us The work was carried out and now we have a dream kitchen, with all the comforts that facilitate work and provide well-being to all, children, companions and staff.

Fidel Ortega DueñasDirector of the San Juan Center for Curative Pedagogy and Social Therapy

Last October, the Social Dining Association, La Buena Estrella was visited by the Adrián Hoteles Foundation, headed by its founder, Ms Aurora, and the Director of Operations, Ms Marlene.

Our Association at that time was going through some very critical moments, we were victims, once again, of "THE DELAY OF THE SYSTEM" ... When we talk about "system delay", we refer to public bodies, and although we already know, and we are aware of the impact that the bureaucratic procedures of checks and transparency may have; once again we were on the verge of "loosing the battle".

The Association was waiting for an annual subsidy from a public body, to pay our rent which was two months overdue but was never coming, That´s when "Adrian Miracle" arrived, thanks to the visit of the Foundation, our social kitchen and emergency overnight center was able to continue with its activity, after they proceeded quickly to "save us" by paying the rent.

For us, this Foundation will be forever engraved in our hearts, and we will never forget what happened: a real miracle.

In addition we cannot ignore that on 24 of December, they also remembered the children from our Social dining room. Marlene came on behalf of the Foundation to bring them gifts from Father Christmas, as well as doing a very humanitarian work, which was to serve the Christmas lunch, that had been prepared with so much love, for our users.

On behalf of the Association, we cannot say more, but give a big THANK You, once and a thousand times to the ADRIAN HOTELS FOUNDATION for existing and for having an exceptional humane quality.

M.ª Solange Díaz de las CasasAsociación Comedor Social La Buena Estrella

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