Become a Member

To maintain and grow all the programs and projects of the associations we support, it is necessary for the Adrián Hoteles Foundation have as many partners as possible (natural persons). This is one of the largest stable sources of income that our entity can count on. Fill in the form when making the donation and we will contact you - Thank you for your interest.

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Make a donation

With your contribution to the Adrián Hoteles Foundation, as small as it may seem, you will participate actively in the process of social transformation, contributing to make projects, that improve the lives of many people in our society, a reality.

Donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible in the IRPF or in the Corporation Tax in Spain and in Europe (see further information)

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Business Mettings

Collaborating Entities

«Solidarity is traditionally associated with the will that each person has to share something with others or provide a common service. In that sense, it is a value that depends on the degree of social responsibility of each individual towards their environment; it is a selfless and altruistic act. »

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Become a Volunteer

Volunteering is a way of understanding life, an attitude that seeks to build a more human and solidary society. We are interdependent and our destiny is linked to the destiny of other people. Our performance, however small, causes changes in society.

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