Collaborating Entities

«Solidarity is traditionally associated with the will that each person has to share something with others or provide a common service. In that sense, it is a value that depends on the degree of social responsibility of each individual towards their environment; it is a selfless and altruistic act. »

If you are a company, there are many ways in which you can contribute funds to collaborate and be supportive, it is also good publicity and you gain a lot of presence as an entity. Clients will perceive that you are a company with ethical values, which in turn strives to improve our society. Not only that it is dedicated to market your product or perform its services, but also supports the pursuit of wellness in the field of health, social and educational.

Companies and entities are essential in the construction of a more just and supportive world. We invite you to be part of the team of companies that, through their activity, improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged people. Our colaborating entities are companies or institutions that generously support our Foundation. Solidarity also comes with tax advantages, if you want to know them, find out HERE

The Adrián Hoteles Foundation offers these companies, if they wish, the possibility of obtaining special recognition and of communicating this solidarity in different ways. The Foundation delivers a Social Responsibility Certificate at the signature event of the Collaboration agreement between the Company and the Foundation. Likewise, the Foundation undertakes to disseminate the participation of the collaborating company through its media (website, social networks, etc.) and with the insertion of the logo and company name on its website. It will also issue a Donation Certificate to deduct from your Corporation Tax or IRPF.

If you want your company to be part of our Solidarity Companies , request information to sending an email with your information and we'll call you back, or call XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX


How is the Adrián Hoteles Foundation financed?

For more than ten years, the married couple formed by Mr. Rafael Adrián and Mrs. Aurora Ruera, founders of the Company Adrián Hoteles, have been financing many projects and helping, in many cases, non-profit organisations or individuals that needed their help.

The financing of all our projects until now, has come entirely from the Company Adrián Hoteles, but when this charitable work was made public, several individuals and companies have communicated their desire to collaborate in our social projects. Bearing in mind that companies play a fundamental role in this regard, as they are not just considered as a source of resources for cooperation work, but also as an essential social agent to achieve real change in the field of solidarity.

Another important source of resources are the clients of our three hotels, Jardines de Nivaria, Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel and Colón Guanahani, which thanks to their selfless collaboration, allows us to give opportunities to the most vulnerable people.

Can I deduct my donations and / or periodic contributions in the IRPF declaration in Spain?

Yes, currently, you can deduct your donations and / or periodic contributions in your Income Tax Return.

The donations, deductible, to the Adrián Hoteles Foundation, are governed by the provisions of article 24 of the 49 / 2002 Law, which recognizes the right of the donor to relief in his income tax declaration.

Request your donation certificate and we will send it to your address between February and March of the year following the donation, once the timely communication is made to the Spanish Ministry of Finance

Donations give the right to deduct from the income tax of individuals:

  • Up to 150 € per year: 75%
  • From 150 € onwards: 30%
  • In case of periodic donations made during at least three years to the same entity for an equal or greater amount, the reduction is 35%

For Business Donations fom Spanish Companies:

  • The reduction in corporation tax is 35%
  • For donations made to the same entity for at least three years, the reduction is 40%

If I live abroad, can I deduct my donations and / or periodic contributions in the tax return?

Most of the tax laws of the Member States of the European Union have established fiscal incentives exclusively for donations to non-profit organizations (ESLC) within the jurisdiction of each State. Here you can find more information about each country.

La taxation The donations to non-profit organizations vary widely among countries. But it usually has a common element: donors have favorable tax treatment only if the donor and beneficiary are from the same country.

Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) is a network of foundations of reference in the European countries of the Anglo-Saxon world facilitates that the donor accepts the tax treatment in his country when you make donations to beneficiary entities of others.

If you want to donate to the Canarian Adrián Hotel Foundation and reside outside of Spain, you can take advantage of the taxation of your country through a donation to the TGE National Partner of your country. Just contact him and tell him what is for the Adrián Hotels Foundation. The TGE National Partner will issue the certificate upon receipt of the deposit and transfer the resources to us. For any information in Spain, please contact: Fundación Empresa y Sociedad at: or call Paco at: 0034 676 270 816

Is there a minimum amount to donate to become a member?

Any amount you can contribute is very valuable, however small you may consider it. Your contribution will mean an opportunity for other people, who will always be thankful.

You can become a member of the Foundation with any amount (monthly, quarterly or annually) or make occasional donations of any amount.

How is my donation distributed?

Our commitment is to help the people who need it most, managing our funds in the most efficient way possible and being worthy of the trust placed by our partners and donors. The Company Adrián Hoteles, makes not only substantial donations to the Foundation, to support social projects, but also covers the management and administration expenses of the Foundation. Therefore, all donations from collaborating companies, partners or individuals go entirely to social projects. The project we have in progress will be notified at the time of donation.