The La Buena Estrella Social Dining Association was founded in August 2014 and is a non-profit organisation, whose purpose is to serve disadvantaged people, in social exclusion or at risk, covering the basic need of nutrition, hygiene and to provide emergency beds to sleep under a roof; as well as helping people to integrate in society

Its objectives are:

  • Serve people who are in emergency and social exclusion
  • Dispense meals to disadvantaged people, every day
  • Collect and distribute donated, non-perishable, food to the users
  • Try to improve their situations, working in coordination with social services
  • Offer an emergency overnight center
  • Develop personal hygiene
  • Organise classes and talks with Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, etc., to help social integration
  • Support labour reintegration thanks to the collaboration of companies from the south
  • Collaborate with the Courts, to give the oportunity to young people and adults who have been condemned to community work, to fulfill these sentences of probation in our facilities
  • Psychological Support
  • Give hope


To cover the lease of a commercial property at street level and a basement in the neighbourhood of El Fraile, where more than 45 adults, elderly people and families with children eat every day. Emergency beds are also offered at the overnight center.

Since its opening, the La Buena Estrella soup kitchen has served more than 300 people, the current number of users being between 40-50, including children and sometimes a baby. The work is not limited to providing meals to the needy, but they also distribute clothing and non-perishable food that they receive from other associations. The objective of this center is to provide support to people in need, that is, to cover the basic needs of nutrition, hygiene and sleep under a roof, for those people who are in social exclusion, emergency or risk.

The association also organises lectures and classes for users. These types of activities are carried out with the hope of changing and improving their lives, which is one of the main objectives.

In this project, the Adrián Hoteles Foundation It has covered the rent of the commercial premises where the soup kitchen and the emergency overnight center are located. It is the only resource of these characteristics in the entire southern region of Tenerife, which covers the basic needs of the users who come every day.