Ágora Treatment CenterThe Ágora Treatment Center opened its doors in September 2010 in Los Cristianos, municipality of Arona, although its professionals have been providing services since 2004.

The Ágora Treatment Center Asociation was created to respond to the demands of personal, social and work training of people with disabilities.

Through workshops, events and activities in general, it is intended to promote the acquisition of skills, attitudes and habits of these people, to help them in the development of the following areas: cognitive, affective, social, physical and work, through activities according to your needs and interests.

Over the years, both their services and their facilities have increased, with the aim of offering the best possible service to their users. They folow the steps of evaluation and treatment actions.

The Ágora Treatment Center has a multidisciplinary team made up of different professionals, who maintain an internal coordination, among them, and external with the different services and institutions that collaborate in the treatment of their users.

It offers:

  • logopedas
  • pedagogues
  • psychologists
  • physiotherapists
  • podiatrists
  • teachers
  • psychotherapists
  • psychopedagogues
  • psychomotor


Give financial backing for specialised therapies as necessary, to 20 families with economic difficulties.

The Ágora Therapy Centre promotes and develops all kinds of activities, programs and services aimed at achieving full family, school, social and employment integration of people with special needs, in order to improve their quality of life. Different actions are carried out to solve the lack of resources that people with disabilities have so that they can integrate effectively in our society

Currently the number of people diagnosed with some type of disability is increasing, due to the greater amount of diagnosis of ADHD and autism among children. All this means that the family members are immersed in a situation that they may not always understand but that changes their lives completely. This project is intended to help and inform family members, as well as to meet the needs of children.

The Adrián Hoteles Foundation with this project, covers the costs of speech therapy, physiotherapy, pedagogy and psychology / psychotherapy treatments for some XNUMX children. Among them, people with Down syndrome, autism, ADHD, sensory disorder, auditory, etc., which helps to promote the full development of individual abilities