Niños con cáncer Pequeño Valiente
Children with Cancer Pequeño Valiente is a non-profit regional association formed by parents from the Canary Islands with children affected by childhood cancer.

In 2006, a group of parents detected great deficiencies and needs within the oncohematology plant and joined forces to create Brave Little Children with Cancer.

In 2007, it was registered in the Canary Islands association register. During all these years, they have developed different projects and activities that help them maintain and maintain their main objective, without forgetting the commitment they acquire from the beginning with all those people who in one way or another help them to continue.

Children with cancer will continue to enjoy a flat in Madrid

Its objectives are:

  • Provide families and children with the disease with all the necessary support in the best possible conditions, trying to improve the quality of life during the entire illness.
  • Disseminate the existence of childhood cancer in society.
  • Provide support and social attention.
  • Human and moral support.
  • Psychological attention.
  • Facilitate the educational integration of the child (for example through information to teachers).
  • Specific information to the families and partners of the association of the activities organised by Pequeño Valiente.
  • Have the necessary facilities to provide support and avoid living expenses for parents whose children have long admissions stay in hospital and who reside in other islands belonging to the province of Las Palmas or Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • Improvements of the facilities.
  • Financial aid
  • Help families on trips outside the islands.
  • Enhance and improve children's health care.
Ongoing Projects

Project: To relocate and refurbish the Pediatric Day Hospital of the University Hospital Nuestra Señora de Candelaria (Tenerife)

The Adrián Hoteles Foundation has decided this year to support a great project presented by the association Niños con Cancer Pequeño Valiente. This project consists in the relocation and refurbishment of the pediatric day service of the University Hospital Nuestra Señora de Candelaria, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, to a better ventilated area, with natural light and with more adequate conditions for the health and recovery of young children .



Specific objectives:

  • Integrated response to the needs of the pediatric patient and his family
  • Improve the child's and family's ways of coping with childhood illness
  • Create a cheerful and welcoming climate according to the ages of patients who need treatment at the Day Hospital
  • Child's decoration in walls adapted to the pediatric age
  • To equipe the department with appropriate games for the different ages


  • Children who suffer from oncohematological illness as well as other diverse pathologies
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  1. Renting a hosting appartment in Madrid near the Niño Jesús Hospital, in which to provide accommodation and support to affected families.

The goal of the association Children with Cancer Pequeño Valiente, is to improve the quality of life of children with cancer and their families.
Although the Hospital Materno Infantil is the specialist hospital of the Province of Las Palmas, there are many treatments and types of cancer that are only treated or reviewed in Madrid. In general, children from the Canary Islands go to the Niño Jesús Hospital in Madrid for transplants, treatments, second opinions, etc.
This entails the need for many families to move and live outside their place of residence during the long periods of treatments of the children. Although it is true that there are associations in Madrid that have hosting appartments, we have seen in the last year that many parents do not find availability in these apartments, due to the large volume of cases in Spain that are derived to Madrid. Finding themselves having to pay for hotels, transfers, etc.
With the support of the Adrián Hoteles Foundation, a flat has been acquired, with several rooms where several families can be accommodated at the same time, in the vicinity of the Niño Jesús Hospital in Madrid and where families have a place to sleep, bathe , rest and cook, but always with the necessary proximity to go immediately to the Hospital if need be.
The Foundation takes care of the rent, all the supplies and maintenance expenses after having equipped it appropriately for the families last year.

2 Hiring a professional pedagogue to reinforce the basic skills of children during their illness

As a consequence of the disease and the treatment, learning deficits and special educational needs are generated. A uniformed deficit can be observed in all areas or only in some of them, even when the will and effort of the child are increasing. The cognitive deficits derived from the treatment are multiple and different depending on each child, the type of cancer, location of the lesions and the treatments received.
It is common to find difficulties in attention, memory, logical-mathematical reasoning, problems to assimilate and retain new information, problems of visual and motor coordination, as well as hyperactivity, distraction, etc.
For this reason, the Adrián Hoteles Foundation, supports Pequeño Valiente, with the hiring of a pedagogue, since the need has been created to support and reinforce the basic skills of children throughout the process of their illness. The recipients of this project are all children with an oncohematology disease in the province of Tenerife. They are offered an educational-linguistic reinforcement, according to each one of the detected needs.
The project is developed in several areas of action, since the pedagogue goes in search of those children with educational and linguistic needs. This professional works in the family home when the child is in a phase of treatments, helping him/her across the curricular contents. Children are also cared for at the headquarters of the association, where they work in groups according to the educational stages, they are studying.