San Juan LogoLa Adrián Hoteles Foundation continues to collaborate with the San Juan Association. This curative pedagogy and social therapy center cares for some 32 people with middle-grade intellectual disabilities. The last great project that was made was the donation and installation of an industrial kitchen for its San Juan day center, providing it with the necessary material means to be able to provide breakfasts, meals and snacks for the people served in this center.

The Association San Juan is a non-profit entity, constituted in June XNUMX. The purpose of this Association is the promotion of education in general and the assistance, recovery, education and social integration of people who need special care. To achieve this, the "San Juan Association" follows the methodology of Healing Pedagogy, Social Therapy and Waldorf Pedagogy.

The San Juan Association is a collaborating entity of the Government of the Canary Islands in the provision of Social and Socio-health Services.

Its objectives are:

  • Create and manage specific centers of Waldorf Pedagogy, Healing Pedagogy and Social Therapy of anthroposophical orientation.
  • Conduct, promote and protect all kinds of studies, research and work directly applied to the training of people in need of special care and in need of education in general.
  • It establishes relations with existing initiatives in foreign countries that pursue analogous aims with the objective of exchanging information, knowledge and adequate means for a better achievement of the ends.
  • It develops artistic activities and public representations, in order to promote the public interest, on the need for Waldorf Pedagogy, Curative Pedagogy and Social Therapy.
  • It organises lectures, courses, workshops and informative training seminars on Waldorf Pedagogy, Curative Pedagogy and Anthroposophical Social Therapy, in order to develop interest and participation.

“The Adrián Hoteles Foundation has been collaborating continuously with our institution for more than ten years. Aware of the difficulties that the maintenance and equipment of our facilities entail for the institution, they wanted this year to contribute to the renovation and improvement of our kitchen. For a few years now, we have been needing the renovation and expansion of the Day Center kitchen, since its launch in 2000, this facility had become obsolete to cover the needs we now have. The expansion of reception places and the passage of time made this intervention very necessary. We are deeply grateful for the possibility that we were given to undertake this renovation, everything was easy, making available everything necessary to bring this difficult undertaking to a successful conclusion. The works could begin and now we have a dream kitchen, with all the comforts that facilitate work and provide well-being for all of us, children, companions and companions. "

Fidel Ortega Dueñas - Director of the San Juan Center for Curative Pedagogy and Social Therapy


Providing the renovation and installation of an insdustrial fitted kitchen in its San Juan Day Center, to facilitate breakfast, meals and snacks to the 32 people who are served in the center

The expansion of reception places and the passage of time have made the renovation and extension of the day center kitchen, that was installed in 2000, very necessary, as it had become obsolete to cover the needs of the center.
Therefore, the Adrián Hoteles Foundation has donated and installed an industrial kitchen for the San Juan day center, providing it with the necessary equipements to facilitate breakfast, meals and snacks for the people who are served in this center and thus providing welfare to all users.