The Cruz Blanca Foundation was created by the Franciscans Brotherhood of Cruz Blanca on XNUMX of September of XNUMX with the purpose of supporting the Family Homes / Programs of Cruz Blanca in the areas that needed more coordination: volunteering, international cooperation, training, awareness ... It also gives technical support for the management of programs and help with the search of financial support for the Family Homes.

The Adrián Hoteles Foundation collaborates with the Association Franciscans Brotherhood of Cruz Blanca

Its objectives are:

  • Assume the program of attention to people highly vulnerable against exclusion and violence.
  • Promote the social inclusion of people or groups in vulnerable situations.
  • Cover the health care of groups in social exclusion and with difficulties of access to the health system.
  • Creation of a program with a Social Incorporation Housing Network for individuals or families in inclusion processes, as well as victims of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation.
  • Socio-labour incorporation program for people excluded or at risk of exclusion, where personal, social, residential, pre-employment, training and employment measures are contemplated.

Community work projects that include programs for the reconciliation of personal, family and work life are the "Neighbours of Zagales" and the "Parents School" projects. In addition, in 2013, Chárrame was created, a psychological and legal care project in prisons.



1 To cover the cost of the equipment that has been provided for the kitchen of the family home which provides food for more than 45 people with severe mental disability: industrial dishwasher, oven etc.

The San Miguel de Abona Family House, located in the south of Tenerife, has been working for 20 for years with people with problems of psychic disability and seeking the support and resources to enjoy a dignified life.

The center, managed by the Franciscan Brothers of Cruz Blanca, currently serves 45 people between the residence and the day center. The House offers different services, such as personal care, physiotherapy, nursing, speech therapy, entertainment and leisure, social care, support for families, psychological care, occupational therapy and restoration.

To this end, the Adrián Hoteles Foundation has provided the center with several industrial equipment for the kitchen, such as a dishwasher, oven and table to facilitate breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2. Acquisition of an Adapted Vehicle for the transfer of users of the Center.

During the conference different leisure activities, entertainment and musical performances, visits, etc. are developed. To this end, the Adrián Hoteles Foundation has bought for the San Miguel de Arona House, a minibus adapted for the transfer of people with special needs or in wheelchairs. In this way, not only can excursions be organized, but access to the day center is also facilitated for all users who wish to attend, and can be picked up and taken back home. You can enjoy all the activities offered by the San Miguel Family House, promoting the appropriate integration of people in need of special care dependent.