The Foundation

The Canarian Foundation Adrián Hoteles is a non-profit institution that was created in 2017 from the initiative of its founders, Adrián Hoteles SL and Rafael Adrián Adrián and M.ª Aurora Ruera Moreno.


The main objective and purpose of the Foundation is to support financially other entities for the development of activities and projects to improve the social, economic and educational needs of the people and sectors of the disadvantaged population, at risk or vulnerable; fundamentally in the sector of ​​the youth and the elderly

The Foundation develops its aims primarily in the Canary Islands or, in the event of working outside of this area, its objective is that the aid will benefit the citizens of the canaries.


  • Contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of disadvantaged social groups, with special incidence in childhood and old age.
  • Promotion of sponsorship, solidarity and finance in the field of social actions, health, education and sport.
  • Help in the development of educational projects in any of its facets and levels and promote the construction of educational centers and facilities. To facilitate the advising in said educational projects and in the organization of the same ones.
  • Promote, collaborate and organise any activity aimed at the sport development of all grades.
  • Enhance cooperation with entities, institutions and public or private organisations to better fulfill the purposes of the Foundation.
  • And, in general, any other purpose similar to those related, and especially those related to the development and progress of society and, in particular, of the Canarian society.

Board of Trustees

M. Rafael Adrián Adrián


Mrs. M.ª Aurora Ruera Moreno

Vice President and secretary

Julián Adrián


Daniel Adrián


The Staff

Marlene Nin

Director of Operations

Adrián Hoteles

Adrián Hoteles

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