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The Canarian Foundation Adrián Hoteles supports the search for well-being in the field of health, social and education of disadvantaged children and the elderly, through the support of various types of projects.

The Foundation develops its aims primarily in the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands or, in the event of suporting causes outside this area, its objective is for the projects to benefit the citizens of Canary Islands primarily.

There are four filters that must be overcome in order to sign a collaboration agreement with the Foundation and carry out a project:

  1. It should follow the vision and focus of the Foundation
  2. It should have the approval of the Board of Governors
  3. Adhere to the policy of total transparency.
  4. Fill out the project application form.

Many interested volunteers contact us willing to help. Now, the Foundation is a funding organization, that is, it supports the organizations that actually do the work, therefore we think that these entities to which we grant monetary aid are the ones that most need volunteers. For more information, we ask you to visit our page in the volunteering section where you will find all the information about the associations with which we collaborate.

Only one Operations Director works at the Foundation, paid with funds provided by the company Adrián Hoteles, who is also responsible for all management and administration expenses. For the projects to work, it is necessary to have professionals who dedicate their full time. For this reason, we need a person who receives remuneration for his work and can dedicate his full time to the Foundation. This allows us to manage our funds as efficiently as possible and achieve greater impact with our projects.

In 2015, the General Assembly of the United Nations Organisation adopted the agenda for sustainable development, and responded to 17 objectives that the 189 member countries of the UN set, to be met in 2030.

The work of the Foundation covers three of the Sustainable Development Goals:

- Zero Hunger

- Health & Wellness

- Quality education

If you want to know more about the objectives of the UN, visit the following link.


For more than ten years, the marriage of Rafael Adrián and Aurora Ruera, founders of the company Adrián Hoteles, has been financing several projects and helping, on many occasions, non-profit organizations or people who, occasionally, needed help. .

The financing of our projects so far has come entirely from the company Adrián Hoteles, but when this charitable work was made public, several individuals and companies have communicated their desire to collaborate in our social works. Companies play a fundamental role in this sense, since they are not only considered as a source of resources for cooperation work, but as an essential social agent to achieve a real change in the field of solidarity.

Another important source of resources are the clients of our three hotels, Jardines de Nivaria, Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel and Colón Guanahani, which thanks to their selfless collaboration, allows us to give opportunities to the most vulnerable people.

Our obligation and commitment as a non-profit organization is to be transparent in our policies, in our practices, in our budgets, with the people with whom we work and with whom they represent and trust us. For this reason, we strive to make transparency one of the values ​​that best define us.

The Fundación Adrián Hoteles supports other associations and upon delivery of paid invoices, we replace the funds. That way, we make sure that the money always goes to its destination. To guarantee this, we publish the action plan and the report each year. If you wish, you can consult all the data in the Transparency section.

It is very easy to collaborate with the Adrián Hoteles Foundation. There are several ways to become a member: you can call us at (0034) 922 713 333 ext. 869 or access the Collaborate section of our website. So that we can know your expectations and needs, we ask that, when you become a member, you provide us with all the personal data that we request.

If you want to make a donation, you can do it through our website.

Yes. Our website is protected so that you can make your donations safely.

Any amount you can contribute is very valuable. No matter how small you consider it, your contribution will mean an opportunity for other people, who will always thank you.

You can become a member of the Foundation with any amount (monthly, quarterly or annually) or make specific donations of any amount.

Our commitment is to help the people who need it most, managing our funds in the most efficient way possible and being worthy of the trust placed by our partners and donors. The Company Adrián Hoteles, in addition to its donations to the Foundation to support social projects, also takes care of management and administration expenses. Therefore, all donations from members, companies, associates or individuals go entirely to social projects and we will notify you , at the time of your donation, what project we have in progress.

Yes, currently, you can deduct your donations and / or periodic contributions in the personal income tax return.

The donations deductible to the Adrián Hoteles Foundation are governed by the provisions of article 24 of the 49 / 2002 Law, which recognizes the right of the donor to relief in his personal income tax declaration.

Request your donation certificate and we will send it to your address between February and March of the year following the donation, once the appropriate communication is made to the Ministry of Finance.

Donations give the right to deduct from the income tax of individuals:

Up to 150 € per year: 75%

From 150 € onwards: 30%

In the case of periodic donations made for at least three years to the same entity for an equal or greater amount, the deduction is 35%

For Business Donations fom Spanish Companies:

The reduction in corporation tax is 35%

For donations made to the same entity for at least three years, the reduction is 40%

Most of the tax laws of the Member States of the European Union have established tax incentives exclusively for donations to non-profit entities (ESLC) within the jurisdiction of each State. Here you can find more information about each country.

La taxation of donations to non-profit organizations varies greatly between countries. But it usually has a common element: donors have favorable tax treatment only if the donor and beneficiary are from the same country.

Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) is a network of reference foundations in European countries and the Anglo-Saxon world facilitates that the donor accepts the tax treatment in his country when you make donations to beneficiary entities of others.

If you want to donate to the Canarian Adrián Hotel Foundation and reside outside of Spain, you can take advantage of the taxation of your country through a donation to the TGE National Partner of your country.  You just have to contact him and tell him that it is for the Adrián Hoteles Foundation. The TGE National Partner will issue the certificate when they receive the income and they will transfer the resources to us. For all information in Spain contact: Fundación Empresa y Sociedad at: https://empresaysociedad.org/   or by calling Paco at: 0034 676 270 816 

First, we woulde like to thank you for helping us during this time. If it is not possible to maintain your current contribution, do not forget that however small it may seem, it will allow us to continue fighting to help more disadvantaged people or at risk.

If for any reason we were not able to meet your expectations, we would like you to share your concerns and opinions with us: write to us at info@fundacionadrianhoteles.org. To cancel your contribution write us also to the same email.

Yes. We only use your personal data to send you information about our activities.
We never provide this data to any other company or entity. At any time you can access, rectify or cancel them by sending an e-mail to info@fundacionadrianhoteles.org indicating your name and surname, NIF, telephone number and data to be modified and / or canceled.

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To rectify any personal data, banking or change the amount or periodicity of your contribution, you just have to write to us at: info@fundacionadrianhoteles.org giving all the necessary information such as name, surname, NIF, telephone number and new information.

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