Spanish Association Against CancerSpanish Association Against CancerSpanish Association Against CancerSpanish Association Against Cancer

Spanish Association Against Cancer

The Adrián Hoteles Foundation has once again committed to supporting the Tenerife Provincial Board of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) in the Oncological Physiotherapy program by financing the medical equipment necessary to carry out clinical investigations that allow obtaining protocols to prevent, try and solve all the aftermath of the ...

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Children with Cancer Pequeño Valiente

Niños Con Cáncer Pequeño Valiente is a non-profit autonomous association formed by parents of the Canary Islands with children affected by childhood cancer.

In 2006, a group of parents detected great deficiencies and needs within the oncohematology department and joined forces to create Children with Cancer Pequeño Valiente.

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Ágora Treatment Center

The Ágora Association was created to respond to the demands of personal, social and work training for people with disabilities, through workshops, events and activities in general, it aims to enhance the acquisition of skills, attitudes and habits of these people .

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Social Dining Centre La Buena Estrella

is a non-profit organisation, whose purpose is to serve disadvantaged people, in social exclusion or at risk, covering the basic need for nutrition, hygiene and providing an emergency place to sleep under a roof, as well as helping vulnerable people with social insertion.

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Asociación Corazón y Vida de Canarias

The Corazón y Vida Association of the Canary Islands is a non-profit entity that brings together parents, relatives and friends of patients with congenital heart disease and other pathologies.

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Asociación San Juan

The San Juan Association is a center of curative pedagogy and social therapy that attends to 32 people with intellectual disabilities of medium grade who need special care.

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